We change the way your clients communicate with you

Perfect communication is a key to perfect customer experience and satisfied customers are a key to the success. Today communication is scattered across multiple platforms. Web forms are hard to find on many websites. Combining our knowledge of client communication leading practices with best design and UX, we created integrateM. It is website form that is easy to find and allows your clients to contact you through channel of their choice.

Enhanced contact process

Easy to find

integrateM contact form is always visible, on any page you want. Show your clients/visitors how easy it is to contact you. No more wasting time looking for contact form

Your client way

Communication today is scattered on dozens of platforms. Let your client choose how to contact you and respond to them on their preferred platform. They will love it.

Significant improvements

Mobile first

Chat apps are future of modern communication. Show your clients that they can contact you same way they contact their friends and family

Better than your old form

on 85% sites we visited it takes 8 clicks to find contact form. With integrateM your visitors just type their problem and hit send It’s that simple.

Better than website chat

Respond to your customers no matter where they are. No need waiting for response on website

Key features

Full customization

Add as many platforms as you want or stick with what you already use. Redirect your customers to your call center or contact them online. Our simple and easy to use creator allows to quickly customize integrateM to suit your communication needs and fit your website.

        <script src="integrateM.com/integrateM.js#id=APP_ID"></script>     </body>

Easy to deploy

It couldn’t been easier. Copy and paste only one line of code or use our wordpress or shopify plugin. If you have any problem feel free to ask us for help. You know how to reach


With integrateM stats you can track how users use your widget. How many people contact you on specific device or platform